Our team

All our consultants have previous experience from industry as managers or top level managers

Good solutions require knowledge. AGON Solutions recognizes that, in order to really understand what is going on and provide good solutions that work, problems must have been experienced. Our team therefore consists of management consultants that have several years experience from business before they started as consultants. As a result, we are comfortable working at all levels of an organization - from executive to operational. However, our vision is to create more value for our clients and we therefore spend most of our time in the line organization where most of the value is created. 

Ole Holte Sandvik

Managing Director. PhD. 

Ole has a PhD in Operations & Supply Chain Management and has several years executive experience from the Marine & Oil Technology Industry. He has also an academic background as Associate Professor at Molde University College and Agder University. Ole's particular fields of interest are project management, operations management and supply chain management.

Bjørn Erik Aastveit

Management Consultant.

Bjørn Erik has extensive management experience and has previously held the position as  CEO in a number of well known Norwegian companies. He has extensive board room experience as both Director and Chairman and has an International MBA  in Management. Bjørn Erik has experience from managing downsizing projects. He has been in charge of several turn-around projects and has an international network and experience from low-cost-country sourcing.

Norvald Aksnes

Management Consultant.

Prior to joining AGON Solutions, Norvald has 12 years experience working with projects and decision analysis for Statoil, and a lifetime experience as project engineer for a supplier within the Marine and Oil Technology Industry. In recent years, he has worked with decision analysis in the public sector.

Anny Sandvik

Management Consultant.

Anny has many years experience as top level manager in the public sector before joining our team as consultant, and she has a longterm experience as Chief of HR and Chief of Quality. Among other things, Anny is highly skilled in public processes and leadership development, recruitment, quality management, business culture management, organizational change and down-sizing. 

Trude Stensgård

Management Consultant.

Trude has 9 years experience as Chief of Quality and HSE before joining the team as management consultant. She is a certified and accredited EOQ Quality Auditor and has worked with process improvement and lean for several years. In her work, she has helped several companies to achieve ISO approval and generally receive outstanding feedback from ISO approval inspectors.

Helge Vivaas

Management Consultant. 

Helge has more that 15 years experience as consultant working with Process Excellence, Procurement, Supply Chain Improvements, Organisational Development, Program and Project Management, and Behavioral Change. He has top level management experience as CEO from several different companies before joining our team.